Steinhaus Orchester Besigheim x Gadjah Mada Chamber Orchestra Charity Concert

GMCO Grand Concert Vol. 7: Odyssey Starring Angela July

GMCO Mini Concert #10: Battle of Rhapsody

GMCO Grand Concert Vol. 6: Lucid Dream Starring Addie MS

GMCO Mini Concert #9: Secret Melodies for Someone

GMCO Home Concert 2016: Hall of Rock

GMCO Mini Concert #8: Endless Nostalgia

GMCO Grand Concert Vol. 5: The Story of Our Life Starring Putri Ayu

GMCO Piano Recital: Pianists’ Tales

GMCO Mini Concert #7: Kisah Kinasih

GMCO Grand Concert Vol. 4: Phenomenal Hits! Starring Marcell Siahaan

Resital Tiup & Gitar GMCO 2014

GMCO Home Concert 2014: The Bliss Rhapsody

GMCO Mini Concert #6: Teenage Dream

GMCO Home Concert 2013

GMCO Grand Concert Vol. 3: The World in Theatre Starring Addie MS & Lea Simanjuntak

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